Volcano Vaporizer

$631.10 $538.54

The Volcano Vaporizer is one the best and cleanest ways to consumer cannabis. This unit includes everything you need to get started, purchase and you’ll receive a better high.

The Volcano Vaporizer includes everything you need to be up and running the same day you receive it.  There is a digital temperature which is useful in understanding the best temperature to fill the bag. And there are 5 vapor balloons that are included, 1 easy valve filling chamber with camp, 1 volcano air filer set, 1 mouthpiece, 1 valve screen set for easy screen replacement and 1 cleaning brush.  All the directions are included and there are even videos online to help you understand how to use the Volcano Vaporizer.

This marijuana vaporizer has a balloon that stores the THC while the digital vaporizer is heating up to a moderate temperature, it’s warming up the cannabis that you had filled without all the harsh elements that go into smoking weed regularly.


*Get a cleaner and better high on each hit.

*Activate parts of your mind that cause you to think clearer.

*Become one with Mother Earth.

*Keep your lungs cleaner and healthier by using a vaporizer.


*Balloon Inflation Vaporizing

*Digital Temperature Display

*Durable Aluminum Design

*Extreme Ease of Use